Sydney: Bizvideo & Builders Coach "Impossible" One Day Workshop

Builders, are you looking for more direction and certainty in your business this year?

Discover how other builders are fast-tracking their Success & Building a Profitable, Systematic, & Sustainable Business in 2023.

"This is a Mastermind Workshop & Networking Event for Builders Only"

May 18th //9 am-4 pm Manly, Sydney

Tickets: $249*

Early bird tickets sold out! We're almost sold out, only 100 seats available in total.

*Limited to 3 tickets per business, price per person, bring your business partner & team so you can all get on the same page.

Network with other HIGH ACHIEVER builders.

valuable and up-to-date strategies for builders

May 18th //9 am-4 pm

Manly, Sydney

All day | Food Included

About the event:

Are you tired of the constant struggle to manage your cash flow, deal with an inconsistent workflow, and never have enough time to work on your business?

The Builders Coach & Bizvideo workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals as a successful builder.

As a builder, you understand the importance of delivering exceptional work for your clients. But the constant struggle to manage your business can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

You pour all your energy into external problems like finding new clients, managing the day-to-day operations of your business, and keeping your employees and subcontractors on track.

Yet, you can't shake the nagging feeling that you're missing out on the bigger picture.

You long for a way to step back and regain control of your business, focus on what really matters and create a well-oiled machine that generates profit and success.

You are not alone! Join the workshop mastermind for valuable content, exercises and the ability to network with other builders.

What you will take away from this event:

  • Building a Profitable Business: Strategies for Managing Cash Flow and Controlling Costs

  • Creating a Systematic Workflow: How to Optimize Your Processes and Increase Efficiency

  • Attracting the Right Clients: Developing a Marketing Strategy to Target Your Ideal Customer

  • Leveraging Story Marketing: How to Craft a Narrative That Connects With Your Audience

  • Creating a Winning A-Team: Strategies for Building and Retaining Top Talent

  • The 5 things you must do to ensure you don’t grow too fast too soon

  • To set yourself up with ‘Work-flow optimisation’ for the next 10 years and beyond

  • The importance of and how to best schedule your work in advance

  • The process of building a winning team and protecting against them being headhunted

  • How to say ‘NO’ and get more done in one day than most people do in a week

  • To redesign inefficient processes and leverage modern technologies. Stop running your business like its 1995!

  • Help your people do more in less time. Automation is only as efficient as your people

  • How your team can consistently meet and exceed the most demanding expectations and love it



1. "Million Dollar Builder" Book (PDF & Audio)

2. "Story Marketing Guide For Builders: How to Stand Out in the Building Industry" (PDF)

3. "Best Practice Marketing for Optimum Profit & Cash-flow" (webinar recording)

4. "Grow Your Business for Optimum Profit & Cash-flow"(webinar recording)

Register Now

May 18th //9 am-4 pm Manly, Sydney

$149 Early Bird - First 20 seats

(then $249 - only 60 seats available)

Who is this workshop for?

  • Builders who want to build a profitable and sustainable business that generates predictable revenue and long-term success.

  • Builders who struggle with managing their cash flow, dealing with inconsistent workflow, and finding the right clients.

  • Business owners who want to optimize their processes, increase efficiency and create a systematic workflow that allows them to focus on growing their business.

  • Builders who are looking to enhance their marketing and sales strategies, attract the right clients and increase their sales and revenue.

  • Builders who want to build a high-performing team, retain top talent, and create a winning culture that drives success and growth.


When and Where is the event?

May 18th 2023 - 9 am-4 pm

Manly Pavilion, Address: West Esplanade, Manly NSW 2095 -

What exactly is the Builders Collective Mastermind Workshop?

The Builders Collective Mastermind Workshop is a live event designed specifically for custom home builders who want to achieve success in their business.

Who are the hosts of the event and what experience do they have in the building industry?

The event is hosted by Builders Coach and Bizvideo. Both businesses are focused on helping builders and have helped hundreds of builders Australia-wide. View their websites here: and

What topics will be covered at the workshop?

The workshop covers a range of topics including strategies for managing cash flow, increasing efficiency, developing marketing and sales strategies, building high-performing teams, and more.

What is the schedule of the workshop and how long does it last?

The workshop schedule will be provided to participants in advance and the event will last for a full day.

Will I be able to network and connect with other home builders at the event?

Yes, you will have ample opportunities to network with other custom home builders and learn from their experiences.

What kind of resources or materials will I receive as a participant?

You will receive a range of resources and materials to help you implement the strategies and tactics covered at the workshop.

What is the cost of attending the event and what is included in the registration fee?

The cost of attending the event will be provided to you upon registration, and it will include all materials, resources, and refreshments throughout the day.

Where will the event take place and what kind of accommodations are available nearby?

The event will take place in a convenient and accessible location, and a range of accommodation options will be available nearby.

How can I register for the event and secure my spot?

You can register for the event by visiting our website and following the instructions provided, or by contacting us directly for more information.

Will this be one of those event where the speakers just "pitch" their products or services?

At the Builders Collective Mastermind Workshop, our goal is to provide custom home builders with valuable and up-to-date content, as well as a space to connect and network with other professionals in the industry.

We do not use the event as a platform to pitch our own businesses, and we even invite many of our own clients to attend, so they can stay up-to-date and have opportunities to network with other builders.

If you find our content and event valuable and are interested in learning more about how we can help you, we invite you to touch base with us to explore potential solutions that may be right for you.

Your Presenters

Kurt Hegetschweiler

Builders Coach

As the founder of Builders Coach, Kurt Hegetschweiler is quickly becoming recognised as the building industry “Millionaire Maker”, helping builders and building contractors in Australia run more profitable businesses. Since 2004 Kurt has personally coached and mentored hundreds of small to medium sized builders and building contractors. Kurt prides himself in delivering less information and more results, using real life, hands on, no fluff business strategies that work.

Corne Lategan


Corné is a co-founder of Bizvideo, which he established with his brother in 2011. With a passion for uplifting the building industry, Corné is committed to helping builder clients become the builders of choice. He achieves this by utilizing the power of psychology and emotional storytelling, which creates strong and lasting connections with customers.

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